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AUSe.NET - the Australian Electronic Business Network is an industry led, not for profit, vendor neutral, independent, national initiative, established in partnership with governments across Australia to foster awareness of electronic commerce among Australian small to medium enterprises (SMEs). - (Added: 06.02.2002 )

American Bar Association
The Electronic Commerce Division of the ABA's Section of Science and Technology Law has been a significant focus of electronic commerce law initiatives since the Division's formation in 1992. - (Added: 06.02.2002 )

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation. - (Added: 06.02.2002 )

Information Society Standardization System - (Added: 06.02.2002 )

Council of Europe
Data protection Council of Europe. - (Added: 06.02.2002 )

Directory of Trade Facilitation Web Sites
Trade Facilitation Organisations, Regional EDIFACT Board. - (Added: 06.02.2002 )

EAN International
International Article Numbering Association. - (Added: 06.02.2002 )

European Board for EDIFACT Standards - (Added: 06.02.2002 )

European Certification Authority Forum. - (Added: 06.02.2002 )

eCommerce Info Center
The Ecommerce focused portal. - (Added: 06.02.2002 )

is the Standardised Electronic Commerce forum for companies with interests in Computing, Electronics and Telecommunication. - (Added: 06.02.2002 )

Norwegian forum for E-Business. - (Added: 06.02.2002 )

E-gateway is an e-commerce awareness project initiated and funded by the European Commission, DG Enterprise. Its mission is to support and guide small to medium-sized enterprises (SME) to develop e-commerce solutions. - (Added: 06.02.2002 )

Your meeting place for elearning. - (Added: 06.02.2002 )

Electronic Commerce Association
Welcome to the e.centre website. e.centre is the trading name of the Association for Standards and Practices in Electronic Trade - EAN UK Ltd, which was launched on 7th October 1998 on the merger of the Article Number Association and the Electronic Commerce Association. - (Added: 06.02.2002 )
The pasport to eknowledge. - (Added: 06.02.2002 )

Pan-European association of the Internet services providers associations of the countries of the European Union - (Added: 06.02.2002 )

European Commission
eEurope. - (Added: 06.02.2002 )

European Electronic Messaging Association
Improving communications between businesses in Europe who wish to trade and communicate electronically. - (Added: 06.02.2002 )

European Multimedia Electronic Commerce Forum
The European Multimedia Forum is the main European trade association dedicated to the development of the digital media industries through quality networking, lobbying, business partnerships and international expansion. The EMF is a not-for-profit association of businesses, institutions and professionals all involved in multimedia content, distribution, service provision, software & hardware device manufacturing. - (Added: 06.02.2002 )

EU's E-commerce site
The electronic commerce team is a knowledge based team of experts, who are keen to ensure that the European Union remains at the forefront of electronic commerce, both in terms of research and development and in the successful implementation of new ideas. - (Added: 09.04.2002 )

Federation of European Direct Marketing - (Added: 06.02.2002 )

International Chambers of Commerce - (Added: 06.02.2002 )

International Communications Round Table. - (Added: 06.02.2002 )

ILPF - Internet Law and Policy Forum
The Internet Law and Policy Forum is dedicated to promoting global growth of e commerce by contributing to a better understanding of the particular legal issues which arise from the cross border nature of the electronic medium. - (Added: 06.02.2002 )

International Association for Cryptologic Research
The International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR) is a non-profit scientific organization whose purpose is to further research in cryptology and related fields. - (Added: 06.02.2002 )

International Centres providing some form of assistance in relation to Electronic Commerce
listed by the Australian Electronic Business Centre. - (Added: 06.02.2002 )

International Organization for Standardization. - (Added: 06.02.2002 )

ISTweb / KA II
This Key Action is part of the European Commission's Information Society Technologies (IST) specific programme. The IST Programme is implemented through yearly workprogrammes. The current workprogramme, the 2002 workprogramme has a number of topics, called Action Lines, for which calls for proposals are issued. - (Added: 06.02.2002 )

ISWorld .net - (Added: 06.02.2002 )

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. - (Added: 06.02.2002 )

The European Commission eCommerce Team
The electronic commerce team is a knowledge based team of experts, who are keen to ensure that the European Union remains at the forefront of electronic commerce, both in terms of research and development and in the successful implementation of new ideas. - (Added: 06.02.2002 )

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. - (Added: 06.02.2002 )

The IPTS report
The Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS) is one of the eight Research Institutes of the European Commission (EC). These Institutes together, make the EC Directorate General known as the Joint Research Centre (JRC), which is the corporate research laboratory of the European Union with sites in Ispra (Italy), Geel (Belgium), Karlsruhe (Germany), Petten (the Netherlands) and Seville (Spain). - (Added: 06.02.2002 )

The Open Group
The Open Group, with its proven certification methodology and conformance testing expertise, is the international guarantor of the interoperability that single economic entities require to achieve independence. - (Added: 06.02.2002 )

The Warthon Forum
WeBI is a partnership among business leaders, Wharton faculty and students to generate and disseminate new knowledge about e-business through research, academic programs and strategic corporate partnerships. - (Added: 06.02.2002 )

UN/EDIFACT Working Group (EWG)
Trade Development and Timber Division. - (Added: 06.02.2002 )

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. - (Added: 06.02.2002 )

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.Observatory on the Information Society. - (Added: 06.02.2002 )

Unesco Action Plans Europe
This section provides a selection of documents and websites on action plans, policies, strategies and other measures taken by each country and regional organization in Europe concerning the development of the information society. To view this information click on a country listed at the left of the page and for the regional organizations see the list below. - (Added: 06.02.2002 )

Unesco Privacy and Confidentiality
The following pages provide a selection of links to documents and web sites concerning action plans, policies and strategies related to privacy issues on the Internet. The following subjects are covered: Cryptology, E-Commerce and Trans-border Privacy. Each subject is organized in two categories: national and international positions. - (Added: 06.02.2002 )

United Nations Trade Point Development Center. - (Added: 06.02.2002 )

World Trade Organisation - (Added: 06.02.2002 )