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BarCode 1 - A Web Of Information About Bar Code
In-depth source of information on barcodes including a search engine for locating information, products and companies. - (Added: 27.01.2002 )

Conferences and exhibitions for advanced card and security technology. From Smart Card Industry Association. - (Added: 27.01.2002 )

eCash Technologies (ETI) is a privately-held software company that provides a variety of payment solutions enabling secure commerce on the Internet. - (Added: 27.01.2002 )

Electronic Commerce Resource Guide
Good source for understanding the standards for electronic transfers on the Internet. - (Added: 27.01.2002 )

Leo Van Hove - Bibliography on Electronic Purses
List of international research source containing articles focusing on electronic transfers, the technologies behind electronic transfers, and the regulations that are being formed for electronic transfers. - (Added: 27.01.2002 )

Network Payment Mechanisms and Digital Cash
A research paper written by Michael Peirce and Donald O'Mahony explaining and describing the process of electronic transfers on the internet and the technologies behind it all. - (Added: 27.01.2002 )

Smart Card Industry Association
Industry association which "strives to stimulate the adoption, use, understanding and innovation of smart card technology in the marketplace. - (Added: 27.01.2002 )

Smart Card News
Monthly online publication reporting on technological developments around the world. Has links to other sites discussing smart card technologies. Also includes information on the Smart Card Industry Guide. - (Added: 27.01.2002 )

Smart Cards and Systems
Weekly on-line information magazine on smart cards. - (Added: 27.01.2002 )

A forum that discusses the future developments in smart card technology. Also contains some articles on smart cards. - (Added: 27.01.2002 )

The Smart Card FAQ
An excellent introduction to the subject from the SmartCard Resource Centre. It also has a comprehensive section on cryptography. - (Added: 27.01.2002 )

VeriSign, Inc. the leading provider of digital trust services. - (Added: 27.01.2002 )

White Paper: Smart Cards
Good background information on smart cards. - (Added: 27.01.2002 )