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Guide for E-Commerce - (Added: 14.01.2002 )

All Net Research
Site offering e-business research reports for paying subscribers. - (Added: 13.01.2002 )

Andersen Consulting now Accenture
Have update information relate to the Electronic Commerce in details. - (Added: 13.01.2002 )
BizReport is recognized internationally as a leading source for Internet business and e-commerce news. - (Added: 13.01.2002 )
Premier Business and Technology Portal and Global Community Network for E-Business, Information, Technology, and Knowledge Management. Your Survival Network for the New World of Business. - (Added: 13.01.2002 )

Business 2.0 E-Business
Business 2.0 is the essential tool for navigating today's relentlessly changing marketplace, particularly as it's driven by the Internet and other technologies. It discovers and reports on the smartest, most innovative business practices and the people behind them. It delivers surprising, useful insights, and explains how to put them to work. - (Added: 13.01.2002 )

Canadian E-Business Today
Offers collection of news, articles, polls, and more. - (Added: 13.01.2002 )

CommerceNet is a nonprofit consortium of business, government, technology, and academic leaders. We bring companies together to jointly develop and implement new eCommerce technologies and business practices worldwide. - (Added: 13.01.2002 )

Computerworld emmerce
KnowledgeCenter ecommerce. - (Added: 13.01.2002 )

eBusiness Association
The eBusiness Association provides resources, events, workshops and information assuring your business a success on the Web. We are committed to offering our growing membership the opportunity to further their knowledge of eBusiness and the Web, as well as, meet and interact with other Internet professionals in the upstate NY area and worldwide. - (Added: 13.01.2002 )

e-Business Center PwC & IECE
Source of information, analysis and research on e-business activities in Europe. Offering research and case writing on the development of e-business and its impact in Europe. - (Added: 14.01.2002 )

E-Business Intelligence
E-Business and Intelligence in Organizations. - (Added: 08.04.2002 )

eBusiness Portals
Source of information on B2E, B2B & B2C portal technologies. Focused on helping both the IT Professional and Business Professional alike. Information about how this technology works, how to implement it and what it means to your way of life, everyone is sure to find something of interest. - (Added: 13.01.2002 )

E-Business Webring PORTAL
e developers who see or promote the future of electronic commerce and who desire to be on the cutting edge of this medium of commerce. - (Added: 08.04.2002 )

E-Business World
Discover top e-commerce news stories and find forums, features, and newsletters aimed at people who do business on the Web. - (Added: 13.01.2002 )

EC Search
Electronic Commerche Search. - (Added: 13.01.2002 )

eCommerce Alert
Electronic Commerche News. - (Added: 13.01.2002 )

eCommerce Guidebook
The eCommerce Guidebook provides many resources, including a directory of online transaction providers, a tutorial, and many other resources. - (Added: 13.01.2002 )

E-Commerce in European Union
The mission is to keep Europe at the forefront of the global digital economy via facilitating innovation, creating value in the electronic marketplace and co-operation with leading edge organisations. - (Added: 13.01.2002 )

E-Commerce Times
Ecommerce news - (Added: 13.01.2002 )
ECommerce Guide: Is the source for e-commerce news, trends, product reviews, and how-tos for businesses running online or e-commerce sites and selling and marketing products and services. - (Added: 13.01.2002 )

The Online Resource for B2B e-commerce. - (Added: 13.01.2002 )

EIU Ebusiness Forum
An international ebusiness resource for senior executives from The Economist Group. - (Added: 13.01.2002 )

ELab, founded as Project 2000 in 1994 and renamed "eLab" in 1999, is a corporate sponsored research effort devoted to the scholarly and rigorous investigation of the marketing implications of commercializing hypermedia computer-mediated environments (CMEs) like the World Wide Web and other emerging electronic environments. Vanderbilt University's eLab, founded in 1994 by Professors Donna L. Hoffman and Thomas P. Novak, is the nation's first academic research center dedicated to the study of the Internet and recognized by the New York Times as "one of the premiere research centers in the world for the study of electronic commerce." - (Added: 13.01.2002 )

The world's leading provider of eBusiness statistics. - (Added: 13.01.2002 )

Enterprise Ireland eBusiness Resource
Government organisation, offers a comprehensive guide to eBusiness in Ireland, news, events, case studies and a discussion forum. - (Added: 13.01.2002 )
The need for a single, reliable source of industry news and information is the reason we created, the etail industry's only online trade magazine specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of etailers. - (Added: 13.01.2002 )

GartnerGroup E-Business
We encourage you to visit today. For tips on using the newer site, take advantage of the online training under the Help link. - (Added: 27.01.2002 )

IBM E-business
Company outlines its e-commerce services, which include supply-chain management and customer relations services. Get contact details. - (Added: 13.01.2002 )

Industry Standard Europe
European Internet industry and e-business news and analysis. Welcome to the Industry Standard Archive, hosted by This Archive includes most stories published by from January 1998 through September 2001. - (Added: 13.01.2002 )

Intel e-Business Centre
Welcome to the Intel(R) e-Busines Center, your source for e-Business and e-Commerce News, Solutions, Strategies, Products, and Services. - (Added: 13.01.2002 )

Daily Internet News and Internet Information. - (Added: 13.01.2002 )

ISWorld ecommerce page
( Old ( - (Added: 13.01.2002 )

Ittoolbox Portal for E-Business
Knowledge, People, and Tools for the IT Industry - (Added: 13.01.2002 )

Minding Your eBusiness
Minding Your eBusiness" is the definitive resource for the Internet entrepreneur. - (Added: 13.01.2002 )

Introduction to Internet Business Research. - (Added: 13.01.2002 )

The Electronic Payments Association. - (Added: 13.01.2002 )

Netcheck Commerce Bureau
The Netcheck Commerce Bureau was established in 1995 to promote ethical business practices worldwide and to increase consumer and corporate confidence in purchasing products and services on-line on the Internet. - (Added: 13.01.2002 )

Oracle e-business Suite
E-Business Oracle. - (Added: 13.01.2002 )

Roger Clarke
Roger Clarke's Electronic Commerce Pages - (Added: 13.01.2002 ) is the association for retailers online. It's where the best retail minds come together to garner the insight, knowledge and intelligence to make better decisions in the evolving world of the Internet and Multi-channel retailing. - (Added: 13.01.2002 )

TelecomWeb (Electronic Commerce Today)
TelecomWeb is the Internetís leading source for business news, market research and competitive analysis on the global communications industry. - (Added: 13.01.2002 )

Transaction Net
Enabling Markets Online. - (Added: 13.01.2002 )

US Department of Commerce
The Department of Commerce promotes job creation, economic growth, sustainable development and improved living standards for all Americans by working in partnership with business, universities, communities and workers. - (Added: 13.01.2002 )

Webmonkey e-business
Business E-Business Subtopics - (Added: 13.01.2002 )

ZDNet E-Business
A guide to Internet commerce including news, features, and best practices. - (Added: 13.01.2002 )